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5 Best Places To Teach English Abroad In 2019


Teaching remains among the few noble professions that are yet to be infiltrated by the desire to get rich and the joy of becoming a teacher is multiplied when you take up the opportunity to teach abroad. It enriches your career through an experience that you would never have had if you stayed in your home country. Here, we look at the 5 best places to teach English abroad. These countries are constantly attracting the highest number of teachers and is set to continue into 2020 and why they are a preferred destination:

South Korea

5 best places to teach English abroad south korea

South Korea has maintained its tradition of education and is experiencing incredible economic growth which is why it features at the top of our 5 best places to teach English abroad. The passion of its citizenry to link and communicate with the world has driven the need for English lessons higher.

If you are looking at making money fast, this is your preferred destination. You will enjoy modernized cities that boast of hundreds of years of history combined with modern technology. It is also a fantastic opportunity to live and enjoy life in one of Asia’s rising giants.

English teachers are given free housing, a salary that allows you to save up to $1,000 a month without lowering your quality of life and reimbursement for airfare and travel stipend. If you complete your 12 months contract, you will get a bonus.

If South Korea sounds like the place for you check out our full guide to teaching English in Korea


places to teach English abroad china

This is a chance to live and work in one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. There is an incredible contrast between modern cities and historical sites. Teaching English ranks among the most lucrative jobs in China. Your earnings allow you to save up to $1,500 a month.

You get free furnished housing as well as fare reimbursement or a free ticket. The mix of history and fast-paced modern cities is an experience you will treasure for the rest of your life which is why teachers make it one of the 5 best places to teach English abroad.

If China sounds like the place for you check out our full guide to teaching English in China


places to teach English abroad japan

Japan offers a cocktail of culture, history, cuisine and natural beauty. After extravagant expenses, you can still manage to save $1000. Japan gives you an opportunity to get hired before you even land which is one of the biggest reasons our teachers chose Japan as one of the 5 best places to teach English abroad.

By the time you get to Tokyo, your job and amenities will be waiting. The landscape and experience are unforgettable.

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places to teach English abroad taiwan

This is an island that is located on the southeastern end of China. The climate is subtropical mirroring Florida or Jamaica. The living standards in this place are admirably high, which allows you to enjoy a modest life and still save up to $1000 or more in a month.

Life in this area is democratic and prosperous. You have access to world-class shopping malls, colourful markets and vibrant street life. Your weekends will be memorable with the option of gorgeous coastlines or lush and mountainous interiors. In return, you have an opportunity to learn Mandarin and enjoy the culture of the Taiwanese and Chinese people.

Gulf States

places to teach English abroad gulf states

The countries of interest include Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman and U.A.E. Their education is under remodelling with an emphasis on foreign languages. This is boosted by inexhaustible oil. Teachers of English are among the highest regarded professionals in the Gulf region.

This has made the market extremely competitive. As such, MA or professional qualification in Education is demanded. For example you will get a tax free salary ranging from $2,000 to $5,000 to teach English in the United Arab Emirates

You can also expect to get free flights to and from home, furnished housing or stipend equivalent and free comprehensive health insurance.

So, Does Our 5 Best Places To Teach English Abroad Match Yours?

Based on early 2019 data It seems Asia is the place to be! However early research results for 2020 data is surprising so far so make sure to check back. One thing that never changes, however, is that there are many other countries where teachers of English are in high demand.

It depends on personal preference, your qualifications and experience as well as the institution you will be working for. 

Search our International teaching TEFL jobs page for a full list of the latest jobs available in a wide range of countries.

Do you have a different top 5? Let us know your top 5 and the reasons why in the comments section below.

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