What Are The Best Countries To Teach Abroad After Covid

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The coronavirus pandemic sweeping the globe has already brought about significant changes in the education sector. Schools have closed in almost every country. Virtual classrooms have replaced real classrooms as teachers and students shift to online platforms. Schools may put hiring on hold as they struggle with the economic and social impact of coronavirus so we wanted to pick the 3 best countries to teach after Covid.

This is a particularly tough time for teachers who are seeking opportunities to teach abroad. With borders closed, international flights canceled, and countries wary of allowing foreigners in, opportunities to teach internationally in the coming academic year are shrinking. Even on a personal level, most teachers will prefer to stay at home in these uncertain times.

Plans For Teaching Abroad In A Post-Covid World

However, one way to keep our spirits up in these dark days is to think and plan for the post-corona world. For those who are keen to continue with their dream to teach internationally, this might be a good time to analyse various countries’ pandemic situation. 

A look at the statistics indicates that some countries are worse hit than others. The reasons for the rapid spread in select countries is for experts to explore. Yet another fact that emerges is that some countries have been able to better control the disease’s spread than others.

So, if you are going to pursue opportunities to teach internationally, it makes sense to shortlist countries that have faced the onslaught of the pandemic better than others. Their economies are likely to recover faster. Education institutes will restart regular classes, and good teachers’ demand is likely to get a bounce. Hiring opportunities are likely to come up sooner in these countries.

So which countries should you be looking at to teach internationally once the virus is controlled? We have made a list of three countries based on the following factors:

Key Factors

      • Impact of the coronavirus
      • Handling of the coronavirus
      • Past demand for international teachers
      • Work conditions for teachers

Our 3 picks as the best countries to teach after Covid

Do check out our shortlist of three countries where you can pursue opportunities for teaching internationally after the coronavirus pandemic settles down. 

A word of caution. The pandemic situation is constantly evolving, and the situation in countries may change overnight. So, while using the guide below, please do keep watching and analyzing the situation constantly.

1. Vietnam

Vietnam has been one of the luckier countries concerning the coronavirus outbreak. While statistics are meaningless, as the situation is fluid and the numbers keep changing daily, Vietnam has one of the lowest ratios of cases per million. The virus infects only 3 Vietnamese out of every one million in the population.

vietnam best countries to teach abroad

There have been no deaths as per the latest reports. Though this may change, the country has managed the situation brilliantly. In fact, Vietnam has won praise internationally for its handling of the crisis. With limited resources, Vietnam was unable to do mass testing. Instead, it followed a strict policy of isolation of infected persons. Contact tracing was vigorously enforced. There was a 14-day quarantine for all travelers coming into the country.

Vietnam is a great destination if you are looking at opportunities for teaching internationally. There is a boom in the job market for English teachers. Opportunities to teach are available in language institutes and international schools. The monthly income of most teachers ranges between $1,000-$1,500. The saving potential is high since the cost of living in Vietnam is low.

If Vietnam sounds like the next place for you to teach abroad, check out our guide on teaching English in Vietnam.

2. Japan

Japan’s success in handling the coronavirus pandemic is being applauded across the world. The total number of cases per million of the population is 60. Japan’s response to the corona pandemic has been different from other countries. Other than closing down schools and banning large events, the country has continued to function almost normally. Busy Tokyo buzzes as intensely as before. The government policy has been to identify clusters aggressively. It then worked on containing the spread within the clusters.


The result has been that Japan has the lowest overall and per capita number of infections compared to other developed countries. The use of hand sanitizers and masks has always been popular in Japan, even in the pre-coronavirus days. Experts feel this may have helped protect the population from the pandemic.

Japan has long been a favored destination for teachers looking for work abroad opportunities. The government hires teachers from Native English-speaking countries for the public schools under the Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme.

Besides, several language schools, known locally as Eikiwas, across major cities of the country. Japan is a beautiful country with an ancient, rich culture. Luckily the pay and perks offered by Japanese schools are enough for you to have a good quality of life and explore the country.

If Japan sounds like the next place for you to teach abroad, check out our guide on teaching English in Japan.

3. Morocco

Morocco has an infection rate of 48 persons per million of the population. The first case of coronavirus was reported in the country on March 2, 2020. The government took several measures to contain the spread of the virus. A medical emergency was declared on March 19, 2020.

People were not allowed to go out of their homes. The only exceptions were to buy food or medicines. Only essential services workers were given permits to move around the city. The government strictly enforced these restrictions.

Even before the World Health Organization recommendation, Morocco had made wearing masks in public spaces mandatory. Violators have to pay hefty fines or face a jail term. The strict measures have helped to control the spread of the virus in the country.


If you are planning on teaching internationally, you may consider Morocco in the post-corona world. With the government focusing on building the economy, including the tourism sector, the demand for English speaking skills is rising.

Consequently, there are plenty of opportunities in language schools. Morocco also has several international schools. The average salary for ex-pat teachers is normally in the range of $800-1000. The saving potential is limited, but you will have the chance to visit some of the most charming cities in the world, including Marrakesh, Tangiers, and Casablanca. 

You get the opportunity to live in an exotic part of the world and experience a totally different kind of culture and style of living.

If Morocco sounds like the next place for you to teach abroad, check out our guide on teaching English in Morocco.

Our Thoughts On Teaching Internationally in a Post-Pandemic World

The coronavirus pandemic has put the world in a state of paralysis. Most of us are either under lockdown or have had to restrict our activities. It is wise to focus now on your health and well-being.

However, once the virus is under control, the situation will begin to ease. It makes sense to do a risk analysis of the countries where it might be safest to look for opportunities to teach internationally after the coronavirus pandemic is defeated, be sure to look through all our country guides which we have selected as the best countries to teach English and see how they are faring.

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