Best Countries To Teach English

With so much choice it is difficult to choose where to teach in one of the many best countries to teach English. Not only that but finding one that is right for you. Well, hopefully, our extensive guides below can help!
This is the number one question we get asked at Educating Abroad by new & experienced international teachers is what are the best countries to English abroad. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most difficult because when it comes to the best countries to teach English there is no single best place. Everyone who teaches abroad has their very own wants and needs. It could be the ability to travel, the ability to save money or even something like the weather! So instead of us trying to tell you what we think are the best countries to teach English, we thought you would like to discover that for yourself with our helpful guides below..

Where Are
The Best Countries To Teach English Abroad

To help you discover your first or next teaching abroad voyage, I think the best place to start would be for you to choose which continent / region of the world you most like to start teaching in? Got a preference already? Perhaps one of these articles could persuade you otherwise!

Teach English In Africa

When people first think of where are the best countries to teach English abroad, Africa seems to always get forgotten, but you will be surprised. You can always expect the unexpected in beautiful Africa. This makes teaching in the continent an exhilarating experience. The land is magical with sunkissed coasts, vast deserts, green forests, exciting wildlife, spectacular rivers, busy urban spaces and quiet rural hamlets. With 54 countries, diverse ethnic groups, several traditions and cultures it is perhaps impossible to savour all that Africa has to offer in one lifetime. 

Teaching in Africa does have its challenges. Several countries have historically struggled with a resource crunch and unbalanced development. Schools, therefore, may not be well equipped, but then, this is where you get the chance to fully demonstrate your ingenuity and skill as a teacher. You may have to make a few compromises vis-a-vis the quality of life. However, if you do have a spirit of adventure and a zest for life, there is no better place to live and work.


Many African countries have reputed international schools. Kenya, Egypt, Ghana, Namibia, Senegal, Tanzania, Mozambique, South Africa, Malawi are just some of the countries where you can have a great time working and living. So if you would like a teaching job in Africa to explore the timeless beauty of this ancient land, do check out this section in detail.

Teach English In Asia

Asia offers fabulous opportunities for those interested in a career in teaching English. The continent probably has the most countries which fit into our ‘best countries to teach English abroad series. Asia has some of the fastest-growing economies, a large proportion of the world’s population and a growing appetite for globalization. This translates to a demand for English speaking skills as Asians look to exploit international opportunities in trade and business.

Teaching in Asia has several advantages. The saving potential is good. Connecting with the local people is easy in countries like India or Singapore where there is a significant English speaking population. International schools and special programs in countries like Japan, Vietnam and Korea offer excellent opportunities to ESL teachers. There is also the attraction of exploring the continent. Travelling is relatively inexpensive and you can get a chance to explore different facets of Asia’s culture, cuisine and landscape.


Given that each Asian country has its own language, culture and work ethic, it makes sense to do your research thoroughly before applying for a job. Working in Cambodia will be very different from working in Kazakhstan. As your first step, do take a look at our section on teaching in Asia.

Teach English In Central & South America

Nature has blessed Central and South America with amazing diversity. Teaching in Central and South America is the best way to explore this part of the globe.

Hiking on the rolling hills and mountains of Central America or traversing the river basin of the Amazon and its amazing ecosystem in South America are experiences that can truly enrich your life.

Given the warmth and the friendliness of the people, the competitive salaries and the low cost of living in several cities, teaching in Central and South America can be very pleasant indeed.

There is a steady demand for English speaking teachers with big cities having bilingual schools. There are also opportunities as classroom assistants for those who are yet to attain all their required teaching credentials.


The salaries for these positions are low but that does not stop teachers rating countries highly and continent that has some of the best countries to teach English. You do get a chance to live in a beautiful part of the world and meet some charming people.

Opportunities exist in several countries including Brazil, Argentina and Colombia. However, the qualifications required are different for each country. Take a look at the details given in this section before deciding to relocate.

Teach English In Europe

Europe is a much sought after destination for teachers looking to relocate. The advantages of teaching in Europe are obvious. Most countries offer an extremely comfortable lifestyle. There are so many places to see and explore, with very few visa restrictions/regulations for travel within the continent. 

The old and the new co-exist comfortably in Europe. Your stint here is the ideal time to explore the continent, its staggering natural beauty, rich history and famously diverse cuisine. With each country having its special charm, the difficulty might lie in deciding which country you would like to relocate to!


Professionally, several countries in Europe offer excellent work-life balance and competitive salaries which is why it attracts a lot of teachers in the search for the best countries to teach English. Though competition for a teaching spot in countries like France and Spain might be tough, there are plenty of opportunities too with most countries having more than one international school or bilingual schools.

Teaching standards are high in the continent and you need to have the requisite qualifications. Do go through this section to check out the credentials required for teaching in Europe.

Teach In The Middle East

Teaching in the Middle East is ideal if you are looking to move to a place with high saving potential and one the biggest reasons so many teachers arrive on the continent trying to find which of them are the best countries to teach English. Most countries in the Middle East offer a lucrative tax-free salary for expat teachers and would figure highly on most peoples best countries to teach english list. Living in the Middle East does have its pros and cons. The climate can be quite daunting. 

The culture is also very different with strict rules governing your day-to-day living. Countries like UAE, Bahrain, Oman and Kuwait have a more relaxed atmosphere. On the plus side, you can have a comfortable lifestyle with access to modern amenities in most cities.

The Middle East is also home to some of the oldest civilizations in the world. For those of you who love to live amidst a slice of history, the Middle East has plenty to offer.


There are plenty of opportunities for teaching in the Middle East. Do check out this section to get more details on living conditions, safety issues and qualifications required to work here.

Teach English In North America

Similar to Africa, North American countries gets overlooked when teachers are putting together their lists of best countries to teach English, and I believe this is due to it’s tough teaching market as the United States, Canada and Mexico are much sought after destinations. English speaking teachers are available locally further tightening the job market. However, opportunities do exist, especially in international schools.

Teaching in North America is professionally satisfying with well-equipped schools having excellent facilities. Other countries in the continent like Bermuda, Jamaica, Bahamas, Aruba, Puerto Rico and Costa Rica are also great places to live and work.


The continent has a vibrant culture and lifestyle. The ‘tourist’ attractions of the United States and Canada do not need any reiteration. The Caribbean countries and the islands of North America also have spectacular beaches, climate and people. Living and working here can make you feel that you are on a long holiday! 

With the extremely competitive job market, it is imperative to know about all the possible opportunities that may exist for you. Do scan this section for more details on the best way to go about bagging this much-coveted job.

Teach English Online

Ok, so not necessarily a Continent or Country, but teaching English online is fast becoming a popular career choice so instead of seeking out the best countries to teach English, in this section we will find the best online companies to teach English. Fresh graduates and professional teachers are no longer hesitant about giving up regular school teaching and exploring online options. One reason for the growing popularity of teaching English online is the considerable flexibility and freedom it offers. Teaching online does give you the option of carving out a professional career for yourself on your terms.

With online teaching, you get to choose your hours of work. It is perfectly fine if you are happy working only two hours a day. A quick search on the internet will connect you with several online learning platforms that will be happy to have you take classes as and when you wish.


You also get to decide where you want to work from. It could be from the comfort of your bedroom. Or you could meet your online teaching commitments while travelling the world. The company you have signed up with to teach English online is not really concerned about where you work from. The only condition is that you should have a fast-enough internet connection to ensure that your lessons proceed smoothly.

Does teaching English online pay well? Which are the best companies to work for? What are the qualifications required? Do you need to learn any new technical skills? If you would like to get the answers to the above questions and know more about teaching English online, do click here.

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