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To Teach English in Africa can be a life-changing destination. A short holiday trip is hardly sufficient to explore this vast land. The mysteries of the pyramids of Egypt, the dizzying tempo of life in Morocco’s medinas
To teach English in Africa can be a life-changing destination. A short holiday trip is hardly sufficient to explore this vast land. The mysteries of the pyramids of Egypt, the dizzying tempo of life in Morocco’s medinas, the wildlife teeming in the plains of Kenya, standing right on the Equator in Uganda – Africa offers opportunities and experiences that are truly unique. As we said, a short trip can leave you thirsting for more. The best way to learn and savour more of Africa is by taking up a teaching assignment here.

Are There Any Countries That Want Teachers
To Teach English In Africa

Teaching jobs abroad in Africa does have certain drawbacks. For one, not all countries are well developed. You should be ready to make some compromises on the salary package and many do not feature that highly in the best countries to teach English, with that said however, international schools do pay as per industry standards. Again the pay scales vary from country to country. With more international schools and private language academies, there is greater demand for English teachers in Egypt and Morocco. Consequently, the pay is better here. Secondly, the quality of life may be different from what you are used to. For example, power outages, unruly traffic, law and order issues can cause stress. It is essential, therefore, to do some background checks and research while exploring opportunities in Africa.

If you want to know Africa intimately, you could also look for opportunities as a volunteer teacher. There are plenty of organisations working on the ground that would be happy to have your services. You could indulge in your passion for teaching and explore Africa at the same time.

As living and working conditions vary dramatically across Africa, do check our backgrounder on the best countries to work.

Teach English In

Teaching in Egypt situated in the north east of Africa would mean living cheek by jowl with a slice of history in a land of enchanting charm. That surely is an irresistible thought! Imagine taking a cruise down the Nile on a weekend, before you drop in to say hello to the inscrutable Sphinx. Or simply sit in a busy Cairo cafe, sipping some marvellous Egyptian coffee and watching the city bustle by. Living and working in Egypt will provide you with experiences that perhaps no other country can.

A teaching assignment in Egypt would require you to be a licensed teacher with at least two years of work experience. Native English speakers are preferred for teaching the language.

Two Teachers creating their own pose in front of the Giza Pyramids

The best-paying jobs are to be found in international schools and the maximum opportunities are in cities like Cairo and Alexandria. If you would like to further explore the possibility of teaching in Egypt, do click on our section here.

Teach English In

Morocco, located in the Maghreb region of North Africa , with its brisk pace of development is a growing market for licenced teachers in all streams/subjects. French is the second language here. However, with growth and a fast-moving economy, the demand for English language skills is on the rise. There are plenty of opportunities for English teachers in international schools and private language institutes. Private tutoring does not pay as well, but, it will allow you to earn enough to sustain yourself while exploring the country. Most schools in Morocco require an undergraduate degree. Experience is not essential. English teachers will need TEFL certification to apply for a job. Preference is given to native English speakers.

The beautiful city of Chefchaouen In Morocco

There is much to see and do during your off time in Morocco. As a gateway to Africa, the country has for long been a hub for travellers. You can explore the dizzying diversity of the mountains and coasts of Morocco, indulge in some fabulous eating experiences or just sit back and enjoy the hectic pace of life in the winding streets of the medinas.

For more information on living and teaching in Morocco, please check out our section.

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The Savannah plains of the Masai Mara echoing with the thundering hooves of millions of zebras and wildebeest on their annual migration is indeed a sight to behold. Living and teaching in Kenya in eastern Africa would allow you to witness this wonder of nature. But that’s not all that Kenya has to offer. This wonderful country on the Indian Ocean coast has unspoilt white sandy beaches, dense forests, a snowcapped mountain (near the Equator!!) and a wonderful climate. It is also home to age-old tribes like the Maasai who proudly preserve their culture and tradition against the onslaught of modernity.

An International teachers 'day out' with the Masai tribe

Kenya has a large expat population and good international schools. There are opportunities for licensed teachers in international and private schools. English teachers must have TEFL certification and an undergraduate degree.

Life in Kenya is easy and comfortable. If you are wondering how to explore opportunities for teaching in Kenya, the details in this section should prove useful.

Teach English In

Uganda in east-central Africa is a country that is focussing on a growth-oriented future and attempting to shrug off a strife-filled past. Consequently, education is a top priority for the Government. Several policy measures have been put in place to ensure that every citizen has greater access to education. This has opened up the teaching market in Uganda. Certified teachers can find placement in international schools in major cities including the capital Kampala. Though English is widely spoken in the country, there are several language schools. Local private schools also have openings for English teachers and other subject specialists.

A teacher get together starting out on their trek

The pace of life is gentle in Uganda. There are magnificent lakes to explore and mountains to climb. You can trace the path taken by 19th-century explorers to find the source of the river Nile in the beautiful town of Jinja. Uganda is one of the six countries through which the Equator passes. Indulge in the thrill of standing right on the Equator and surveying the Earth divided into the northern and southern hemisphere.

Teaching in Uganda has its pros and cons. A quick look at the section here will give you information on how to tap the opportunities available.

Quick Fire Africa Geography Test Incoming...

See how your geography holds up to these frequently asked questions about Africa…no googling before answering!

Question 1

How many languages are spoken in Africa?


There are 1500 - 2000 official languages spoken in Africa!
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Question 2

How many countries are on the continent of Africa?


There are 54 countries on the continent of Africa.
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Question 3

Does it snow in Africa?


YES...It does snow in Africa due to the epic summit of Kilimanjaro!
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Question 4

What Is The Largest Country In Africa?


Algeria is the largest country in Africa.
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