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When choosing where to teaching English in Asia, one thing is for certain in that it will undoubtedly be a rewarding experience both professionally and personally. With vast differences among them, It’s wise to research
When considering where to teaching English in Asia, one’s thing is for certain in that it will undoubtedly be a rewarding experience both professionally and personally. But moving to the world’s largest and most populous continent is an endeavour that requires careful thought and planning. Given its scale, the continent cannot be regarded as a homogenous job market. Each region has a distinct cultural, economic, political and social milieu and researching them will be key to making your relocation a success.

Great Options, Difficult Choices To Choose Where To
Teach English In Asia

Having to check up on working and living conditions in so many countries, each with its own rules and criteria may bog down your teaching jobs abroad hunt. So, before kicking off your Asia relocation plan, it might be a good idea to exchange ideas and views with people who have been there and done it. There are plenty of forums available online where you can get valuable inputs from veterans who have had teaching stints in Asia. This will help you to narrow down your choices, thereby improving the probability of a successful relocation.

Once you have made your choice and settled down at work, its time to enjoy this awesome continent which features some of the best countries to teach English. After all, the point of relocation is to experience the new. And if you carry a bit of Asia within you when you go back to your home country, your relocation can certainly be termed a success!

Here’s a snapshot of some of the popular destinations for teachers exploring work opportunities in Asia.

Teach English In

Japan located in East Asia has a tradition of employing English teachers from recognized English speaking countries. Children in Japanese schools study the language from primary to high school. Besides, there is a demand for skilled English teachers from the language schools that are ubiquitous in all major cities of the country. There are also opportunities in the corporate sector. The most sought after openings are in the Government ‘s Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme (JET) as the pay, perks and benefits are very attractive. But do check out the private language schools, known locally as Eikiwas. With a job in one of these institutes, you will earn enough for a comfortable lifestyle as well as travel.

An English teacher in Japan wearing a traditional Kimono

Japan is a country of interesting contrasts – highly westernized but still steeped in an Eastern ethos and culture. The mountains, little islands, the beauty of the cherry blossom season are all worth experiencing. To know a little more about teaching in Japan, do take a look at this section.

Teach English In

Living and working in Thailand in Southeast Asia can pretty much feel like a long holiday, given the fact that you are in one of the top tourist destinations in the world. The experience of relaxing in the lovely beaches of Phuket, enjoying the delectable street food in Bangkok, the warmth of the Thai people are just a few of the plus points of living in this lovely country.

As Thailand positions itself to develop its tourism sector even further, English speaking skills are much in demand. You can find openings either with the international schools or at the private language schools.

Two English teaching friends driving around Thailand in a Tuk Tuk

You might be a bit surprised at the salaries offered, but Thailand does have a low cost of living. Teaching in Thailand on an average ESL teacher’s salary will enable you to live comfortably, explore the country and even put aside a bit in savings. To fine-tune your job search in Thailand, do go through the details in this section.

Teach English In

It is easy to understand why Singapore makes it to the list of popular teaching destinations in Asia. The country offers a high standard of living, a cosmopolitan population and a safe environment. Opportunities exist for all certified teachers – and not just English teachers – since English is the medium of instruction in the island city-state. International schools, language schools and public schools frequently appoint well-qualified teachers from abroad.

Singapore is a colourful and vibrant place. The Malay, Chinese Indian and European roots of the residents together create a wonderful and exciting melting pot of culture and traditions.

An Expat English Teachers family having a picnic in Singapore

Highly developed and modern, Singapore offers a lifestyle that rivals the best in the world. And of course, the Singapore food experience is an unforgettable part of living here. Teaching in Singapore can be a dream come true. Do check out this section for tips on how to make this dream come true.

Teach English In

With a booming economy, massive globalisation and huge population, China has an almost insatiable demand for English language teachers. The growing preference for private schools and the setting up of international schools has further pushed up the demand. The salaries are extremely competitive with very attractive perks. With an aspirational population, the demand for English skills has gone up. As a result, you can now find opportunities for teaching in China in English language schools or centres. We do advise you to research the position offered and the institute’s reputation before accepting any job offer.

An expat teaching couple sight-seeing in Shanghai

Living and working in China located in the heart of East Asia is the perfect way to get to know this vast and often mysterious country. With its ancient past, there is much to see and explore. Its cuisine has so many facets, that eating out itself can be a great adventure. If you would like to know more about working in China, click on this section for more details.

Teach English In

Vietnam, with its thrust on economic growth and development, is yet another job market where the demand for English language teachers outstrips the supply. The people – both adults and children – are eager to learn the language as it is seen as a valuable asset to get ahead in life. Consequently, the towns and cities in the country have seen a mushrooming of English language schools. Necessary qualifications include being a native English speaker and a graduate. Additional certifications like TEFL are not mandatory but will certainly be an asset in your job search.

Teachers from a language school visiting the beautiful Vietnamese countryside

Life in Vietnam, Southest Asia is easy and pleasant. The countryside is beautiful and you can take the time to explore the beautiful beaches, colourful markets, grand mountains. The Buddhist pagodas provide a historical and spiritual perspective to life. In this section, you can get more information about opportunities for teaching in Vietnam.

Teach English In

Teaching English in Korea is rewarding professionally and personally. English teachers are very well paid. With the low cost of living, teaching English in Korea will help bolster up your savings. Personally, working and living in Korea in East Asia will be one of the unforgettable experiences of your life. The Land of the Morning Calm is an extremely beautiful country. Exploring the gorgeous Korean landscape, immersing yourself in the country’s ancient Confucian culture, enjoying the energy of the modern Kpop and Kdramas and familiarizing yourself with the country’s delicious cuisine are just some of the things to do while teaching English in Korea.

If you would like to know more about the opportunities for teaching English in Korea, do click here.

An English teacher getting in to the spirit in Seoul wearing a Korean traditional dress - Hanbok

Teach English In
Hong Kong

Hong Kong, like Singapore, with its perfect cocktail of cosmopolitan, westernized outlook and Eastern culture is a great place to live and work. Be warned that entry barriers here are rather high. You need to have a university degree, TEFL certification and work experience to be considered for a teaching job. But if you do make the cut, then teaching in Hong Kong can be a fabulous experience. With its towering skyscrapers, busy streets, eating out joints and its reputation as a leading financial centre, living in Hong Kong in East Asia is akin to living to New York or any other world-class city in the world.

The Hong Kong job market is very competitive. For more details on how to navigate it and find the perfect job, do check out this section.

Teachers will relish the food delights of Hong Kong

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