Best Countries To Teach English

With so much choice it is difficult to choose where to teach in one of the many best countries to teach English. Not only that but finding one that is right for you. Well, hopefully, our extensive guides below can help!
This is the number one question we get asked at Educating Abroad by new & experienced international teachers is what are the best countries to English abroad. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most difficult because when it comes to the best countries to teach English there is no single best place. Everyone who teaches abroad has their very own wants and needs. It could be the ability to travel, the ability to save money or even something like the weather! So instead of us trying to tell you what we think are the best countries to teach English, we thought you would like to discover that for yourself with our helpful guides below..

Which Are The Best Countries To Teach English Abroad

To help you discover your first or next teaching jobs abroad voyage, I think the best place to start would be for you to choose which continent/region of the world you would most like to start teaching in? Got a preference already? Perhaps one of these articles could persuade you otherwise!


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Teaching in Egypt situated in the north east of Africa would mean living cheek by jowl with a slice of history in a land of enchanting charm. That surely is an irresistible thought! Imagine taking a cruise down the Nile on a weekend, before you drop in to say hello to the inscrutable Sphinx. Or simply sit in a busy Cairo cafe, sipping some marvellous Egyptian coffee and watching the city bustle by. Living and working in Egypt will provide you with experiences that perhaps no other country can.

A teaching assignment in Egypt would require you to be a licensed teacher with at least two years of work experience. Native English speakers are preferred for teaching the language.


The best-paying jobs are to be found in international schools and the maximum opportunities are in cities like Cairo and Alexandria. If you would like to further explore the possibility of teaching in Egypt, do click on our section here.

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Morocco, located in the Maghreb region of North Africa , with its brisk pace of development is a growing market for licenced teachers in all streams/subjects. French is the second language here. However, with growth and a fast-moving economy, the demand for English language skills is on the rise. There are plenty of opportunities for English teachers in international schools and private language institutes. Private tutoring does not pay as well, but, it will allow you to earn enough to sustain yourself while exploring the country. Most schools in Morocco require an undergraduate degree. Experience is not essential. English teachers will need TEFL certification to apply for a job. Preference is given to native English speakers.


There is much to see and do during your off time in Morocco. As a gateway to Africa, the country has for long been a hub for travellers. You can explore the dizzying diversity of the mountains and coasts of Morocco, indulge in some fabulous eating experiences or just sit back and enjoy the hectic pace of life in the winding streets of the medinas.

For more information on living and teaching in Morocco, please check out our section.

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The Savannah plains of the Masai Mara echoing with the thundering hooves of millions of zebras and wildebeest on their annual migration is indeed a sight to behold. Living and teaching in Kenya in eastern Africa would allow you to witness this wonder of nature. But that’s not all that Kenya has to offer. This wonderful country on the Indian Ocean coast has unspoilt white sandy beaches, dense forests, a snowcapped mountain (near the Equator!!) and a wonderful climate. It is also home to age-old tribes like the Maasai who proudly preserve their culture and tradition against the onslaught of modernity.


Kenya has a large expat population and good international schools. There are opportunities for licensed teachers in international and private schools. English teachers must have TEFL certification and an undergraduate degree.

Life in Kenya is easy and comfortable. If you are wondering how to explore opportunities for teaching in Kenya, the details in this section should prove useful.

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Uganda in east-central Africa is a country that is focussing on a growth-oriented future and attempting to shrug off a strife-filled past. Consequently, education is a top priority for the Government. Several policy measures have been put in place to ensure that every citizen has greater access to education. This has opened up the teaching market in Uganda. Certified teachers can find placement in international schools in major cities including the capital Kampala. Though English is widely spoken in the country, there are several language schools. Local private schools also have openings for English teachers and other subject specialists.


The pace of life is gentle in Uganda. There are magnificent lakes to explore and mountains to climb. You can trace the path taken by 19th-century explorers to find the source of the river Nile in the beautiful town of Jinja. Uganda is one of the six countries through which the Equator passes. Indulge in the thrill of standing right on the Equator and surveying the Earth divided into the northern and southern hemisphere.

Teaching in Uganda has its pros and cons. A quick look at the section here will give you information on how to tap the opportunities available.


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Japan located in East Asia has a tradition of employing English teachers from recognized English speaking countries. Children in Japanese schools study the language from primary to high school. Besides, there is a demand for skilled English teachers from the language schools that are ubiquitous in all major cities of the country. There are also opportunities in the corporate sector. The most sought after openings are in the Government ‘s Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme (JET) as the pay, perks and benefits are very attractive. But do check out the private language schools, known locally as Eikiwas. With a job in one of these institutes, you will earn enough for a comfortable lifestyle as well as travel.


Japan is a country of interesting contrasts – highly westernized but still steeped in an Eastern ethos and culture. The mountains, little islands, the beauty of the cherry blossom season are all worth experiencing. To know a little more about teaching in Japan, do take a look at this section.

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Living and working in Thailand in Southeast Asia can pretty much feel like a long holiday, given the fact that you are in one of the top tourist destinations in the world. The experience of relaxing in the lovely beaches of Phuket, enjoying the delectable street food in Bangkok, the warmth of the Thai people are just a few of the plus points of living in this lovely country.

As Thailand positions itself to develop its tourism sector even further, English speaking skills are much in demand. You can find openings either with the international schools or at the private language schools.


You might be a bit surprised at the salaries offered, but Thailand does have a low cost of living. Teaching in Thailand on an average ESL teacher’s salary will enable you to live comfortably, explore the country and even put aside a bit in savings. To fine-tune your job search in Thailand, do go through the details in this section.

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It is easy to understand why Singapore makes it to the list of popular teaching destinations in Asia. The country offers a high standard of living, a cosmopolitan population and a safe environment. Opportunities exist for all certified teachers – and not just English teachers – since English is the medium of instruction in the island city-state. International schools, language schools and public schools frequently appoint well-qualified teachers from abroad.

Singapore is a colourful and vibrant place. The Malay, Chinese Indian and European roots of the residents together create a wonderful and exciting melting pot of culture and traditions.


Highly developed and modern, Singapore offers a lifestyle that rivals the best in the world. And of course, the Singapore food experience is an unforgettable part of living here. Teaching in Singapore can be a dream come true. Do check out this section for tips on how to make this dream come true.

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With a booming economy, massive globalisation and huge population, China has an almost insatiable demand for English language teachers. The growing preference for private schools and the setting up of international schools has further pushed up the demand. The salaries are extremely competitive with very attractive perks. With an aspirational population, the demand for English skills has gone up. As a result, you can now find opportunities for teaching in China in English language schools or centres. We do advise you to research the position offered and the institute’s reputation before accepting any job offer.


Living and working in China located in the heart of East Asia is the perfect way to get to know this vast and often mysterious country. With its ancient past, there is much to see and explore. Its cuisine has so many facets, that eating out itself can be a great adventure. If you would like to know more about working in China, click on this section for more details.

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Vietnam, with its thrust on economic growth and development, is yet another job market where the demand for English language teachers outstrips the supply. The people – both adults and children – are eager to learn the language as it is seen as a valuable asset to get ahead in life. Consequently, the towns and cities in the country have seen a mushrooming of English language schools. Necessary qualifications include being a native English speaker and a graduate. Additional certifications like TEFL are not mandatory but will certainly be an asset in your job search.


Life in Vietnam, Southest Asia is easy and pleasant. The countryside is beautiful and you can take the time to explore the beautiful beaches, colourful markets, grand mountains. The Buddhist pagodas provide a historical and spiritual perspective to life. In this section, you can get more information about opportunities for teaching in Vietnam.

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Teaching English in Korea is rewarding professionally and personally. English teachers are very well paid. With the low cost of living, teaching English in Korea will help bolster up your savings. Personally, working and living in Korea in East Asia will be one of the unforgettable experiences of your life. The Land of the Morning Calm is an extremely beautiful country. Exploring the gorgeous Korean landscape, immersing yourself in the country’s ancient Confucian culture, enjoying the energy of the modern Kpop and Kdramas and familiarizing yourself with the country’s delicious cuisine are just some of the things to do while teaching English in Korea.

If you would like to know more about the opportunities for teaching English in Korea, do click here.


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Hong Kong

Hong Kong, like Singapore, with its perfect cocktail of cosmopolitan, westernized outlook and Eastern culture is a great place to live and work. Be warned that entry barriers here are rather high. You need to have a university degree, TEFL certification and work experience to be considered for a teaching job. But if you do make the cut, then teaching in Hong Kong can be a fabulous experience. With its towering skyscrapers, busy streets, eating out joints and its reputation as a leading financial centre, living in Hong Kong in East Asia is akin to living to New York or any other world-class city in the world.

The Hong Kong job market is very competitive. For more details on how to navigate it and find the perfect job, do check out this section.


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It would not be appropriate to describe North America as one homogenous market for teachers. The teaching experience and living conditions in Mexico are different from that in the United States or Canada, as the former is still a developing country. However, the experience is as thrilling and fulfilling.

Mexico is a more accessible market for English teachers looking for work in North America. English speaking skills are much in demand as Mexico competes with the rest of the world for trade and development. As a result, language schools abound for children, youngsters and even older adults. Licensed teachers can explore opportunities in Mexico’s international schools.


Life in Mexico is one of varying contrasts. You learn something new every day. You may spend your leisure time in the sophisticated resort town of Cancun on a weekend. The next weekend, you can sweat it out exploring the steamy jungles. Or spend a couple of days contemplating the ingenuity of our ancestors as you wander through the awe-inspiring Aztec ruins.

To know more about living and teaching in Mexico, do click on our section here.

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Colombia in northern South America is a fast-growing market for English language teachers to teach English in Central and South America. The country is on a growth mode and also has the second largest population in South America, ensuring a sustained demand for TEFL certified teachers. Salaries range from $700-$1000 depending on the school and your qualifications. Though this may not seem very attractive, it is enough for a very comfortable lifestyle as the cost of living in Colombia is quite low.

Colombia has emerged from its turbulent past when it was regarded as the violent epicentre of the global drug trade. The country is now a safe and pleasant place to live in. You can travel without fear to explore the beautiful coastline, the soaring peaks of the Andes and the ancient ruins in dense jungles.

Learn more about life and opportunities for teaching in Colombia by clicking on this section.


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Teaching in Chile on the western edges of South America  may make you fall head over heels in love with this gorgeous country. Blessed with a stunning landscape, the world’s ‘narrowest’ and rather awkwardly long country encompasses the world’s driest desert in its north and vast glacial fields in its south. On one side are the Andes and on the other is the Pacific Coast. 

The picturesque hiking trails in the mountainous areas, the stark beauty of Patagonia, the lovely people and the wine trails are just some of the memories that you will carry back home after your teaching stint here.

There are plenty of opportunities for teachers with TEFL certification as the Government also promotes and encourages English speaking skills.

If you have a yearn for wandering on the foothills of the Andes, find out how to make this dream come true.


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Peru situated in western South America has always rated highly as a popular tourist destinations in South America. Consequently, people are eager to acquire English language skills and the demand for TEFL certified teachers is high. The city of Cusco, which attracts tourists in droves, is one of the main centres for language schools and it is easy to get a job here. 

Lima, the capital of Peru, provides ample opportunities to teach English. Most schools, including international ones, begin the hiring process in September or October as the academic year in Peru starts in March/April. Openings can be found in language schools throughout the year.


A visit to the famed Machu Picchu, the Inca citadel, should top your list of places to explore in Peru. But Peru is not just about sites to visit and places to see. It is about immersing yourself in the Peruvian way of life where everything from food to festivals is savoured and relished to the fullest.

Teaching in Peru may count as one of the better options for teachers looking for work abroad. You will get more information in this section on how to fine-tune your job hunt in Peru.

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As the largest country in South America and a top global tourist destination, Brazil is an attractive market for English teachers. English is taught in public, private and international schools. There is therefore always a demand for trained, experienced teachers and those with TEFL certificates. 

You get an additional advantage in the job market if you have some knowledge of Portuguese. Most international schools offer the option of an orientation course in the Portuguese language for their expat recruits. A bachelor’s degree is also mandatory.


Teaching in Brazil allows you to live in a highly captivating country. Think of endless white beaches, exciting football matches, pulsating urban spaces, tropical rainforests, delicious food, warm people and you have captured the spirit of this country.

Do scan this section to know more on how to get started on your live-and-teach-in-Brazil plan.

Teach English In
Costa Rica

Is it possible to think of a better place to live and work than one described as the ‘happiest place in the world?’ Yes, Costa Rica in Central America with its beautiful beaches, stunning wildlife, dense rainforests and of course ‘happy’ atmosphere is a lovely place to live and work. With tourism being the mainstay of the economy, Costa Ricans are keen to learn English. 

Consequently, there are several language schools where opportunities for work are available around the year. A TEFL certificate will help you land a job more easily in these private institutes. The openings in international schools are more lucrative and offer benefits like housing and airfare. The average salary for teachers in Costa Rica is around $700-800. With the fantastic low cost of living which can be had in some cities, you can afford quite a good standard of living.

To know more about exploring opportunities for teaching in Costa Rica, do read this section.


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Teaching in Honduras in Central America is an option for those who like to go off the beaten track. Since the schools are bilingual, there is always a demand for good teachers of any specialisation. With Honduras trying to develop its tourism sector, learning English is seen as a way to get ahead. As a result, there are several private language centres where English teachers with TEFL certification can find work quite easily. The salaries are not very high compared to neighbouring countries, but schools do try and provide accommodation.

Honduras has an old-world charm with cobblestone villages and colonial buildings. It is home to the world’s second-largest barrier reef. The country has some spectacular white sand beaches, tall mountains and dense tropical rainforest, giving you plenty to explore during your spare time.

You can find more details here on living and teaching in Honduras.


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Spanish siesta, mouthwatering tapas, colourful flamenco, vibrant cities – well, the list of reasons to relocate to Spain in Southwestern Europe for a teaching assignment are endless. Consequently, Spain is one of the popular destinations to teach English in Europe. Teaching in Spain is a relaxing experience. Work hours are generally 20-25 hours a week. This means that you have plenty of time to explore the country and soak in the Spanish atmosphere.

Most international schools in Spain require certified teachers with at least two years experience. An EU passport may also be mandatory. However, if you are adventurous, you can tap several other opportunities. Private English tutors are always in demand. You are most likely to find private teaching jobs in major cities like Barcelona or Madrid. You can also explore positions like classroom assistants, where English skills will give you an advantage and qualification criteria are not so strictly enforced.


Once you have landed a job, its time to immerse yourself in the flamboyant Spanish culture and lifestyle. Cities like Barcelona, San Sebastian, Madrid and Seville are buzzing at all times and a visit is a fun-filled adventure. If you like quieter destinations, you can visit the quaint villages nestled in the mountains or a fishing village near one of the beaches. The choices, as we said before, are endless.

If you would like to know more about teaching in Spain, do read the details here.

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Teaching in France could well be the dream of most teachers looking for positions abroad. But, frankly, it is a difficult dream to achieve. France is one of the most sought after locations to teach English in Europe. It is professionally rewarding as France has one of the world’s most efficient and best-run education systems.

Besides who would not like the chance to live in a country often billed as the world’s most ‘sophisticated’/’beautiful’/’charming’? So if you have zeroed in on France for your next teaching assignment, be prepared to beat some tough competition.

France in Western Europe also has strict hiring rules. It is difficult to find a job without an EU passport and work visas are tough to obtain.


TEFL certification is mandatory. Also, most schools including language institutes in France hire only after you clear a face-to-face interview. So you do have to take the risk of landing in France without a concrete job offer in hand. This would mean investing time and money with the risk that you may have to return without having landed a job.

But it is possible to get past these hurdles with sufficient preparation. Do check our section here to get more tips on how to prep for your job search in France.

Teach English In

“You may have the universe, if I may have Italy”, wrote the famed Italian opera composer Guiseppe Verdi. His sentiments have been echoed by many, making Italy a top tourist destination in the world. 

Quite naturally, a job teaching in Italy in South-central Europe ranks high on the list for teachers looking for opportunities abroad. This is because Italy’s seductive charms are difficult to shake off and just a holiday in Italy may not make the cut. The best way to experience Italian life is to work here and use your time off to explore its myriad charms.

You have to be a licenced teacher with at least two years of experience to apply for teaching jobs in international schools and private language schools. A TEFL certification is also mandatory.


Given the competition for jobs to teach English in Europe and in particularly Italy, it makes sense to focus your job search in the bigger cities where there is a greater demand for English language skills.

If you have set your heart on teaching in Italy, do take a look at this section. It will guide you through the Italian job market for English speaking teachers.

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Holland / Netherlands

The Netherlands in Western Europe may seem like a surprising destination to teach English in Europe, given that a significant percentage of the Dutch speak the language very well. However, even though the market is not large, there is a demand for English teachers. 

It is a market worth exploring, given that teaching in the Netherlands entails living in a beautiful country with a considerable ‘cool’ quotient. A university degree and a TEFL certificate are mandatory to apply for a job here. There are several international schools where you could apply.

Living in the Netherlands can be a serene experience, given the pace of life and the fun attitude of the Dutch. If the idea of cycling to work along the tree-lined canals of Amsterdam appeals to you, do click on this section for further details.


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Adjusting to life in Qatar in the Middle East is not difficult as the country has a large expat population. The capital Doha is a modern, bustling city. Even though your life in Qatar may be quiet, it can still be very fulfilling. For one, Doha is a hub for international travel and being stationed here allows you to easily explore other countries in the Middle East. Qatar itself is very charming. You can indulge in some of the traditional activities of the Qataris like falconry or camel racing. High, tax-free salaries are offered to licensed teachers with experience of more than two years.

To learn a bit more about living and teaching in Qatar, do check out the details in our section here.


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Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is a conservative kingdom in the Middle East and teachers seeking positions here must be prepared to respect the strictly enforced local rules and traditions. Though the kingdom is implementing reforms, life can still be restrictive especially for women. However, once you adjust to the new environment, you can enjoy a good standard of living in this wealthy country. The saving potential is immense as the average salaries for teachers in Saudi Arabia range from $3000-$4000. This is tax-free. Most schools also offer excellent benefits like housing, airfare and health care. Schools generally require teachers with prior experience and a bachelor degree. Additional certifications like TEFL will certainly help you to land a job more easily.


The country is the birthplace of Islam and the spirit of the religion pervades daily life here. This makes teaching in Saudi Arabia a unique cultural experience. To know more about life in Saudi Arabia and the opportunities available, do click here.

Teach English In the
United Arab Emirates

The first thought that comes to mind on hearing about the Middle East is the UAE and the glitz and glamour of Dubai. However, the UAE consists of six other emirates including Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah and Umm Al Quwain. You can find high paying teaching opportunities in all the emirates. The atmosphere in the UAE, especially in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah, is much more cosmopolitan and modern than Saudi Arabia. The austere rules of living that govern life in other Islamic states have been relaxed in these emirates. This, along with the high tax-free salaries, has made the UAE a much sought after teaching destination.


Opportunities are available in international schools, private schools as well as the public school system. Teachers with TEFL certification can also tap numerous language schools.

A quick read through this section will give you more information on living and teaching in the UAE.

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The relentless facade of modern skyscrapers, massive malls and glass & steel structures that define the cityscape of other Middle East countries has bypassed Oman. The country still retains its old-world charm with low rise buildings, pristine coastline and forbidding old forts. The warmth of the Omani people is legendary. Living and teaching in Oman will soon immerse you in the relaxed, laid back Omani way of life. Weekends are great for camping out in the desert, exploring the spectacular mountains or just chilling on the beaches. There is of course always the option of recuperative weekend retail therapy in the malls and traditional markets of the country!


You can explore opportunities in Oman’s private school system. The lucrative pay package with additional benefits matches that offered by other countries in the region.

Do check out this section if you would like to live and explore the rich Arabian heritage that is so a part of the Omani life.

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There is a huge demand for English teachers in Israel. However, in somewhat of a paradox for the Middle East, it is not easy to get a job here for there are several criteria to be fulfilled before you can be considered for a teaching post. A degree – with English as the medium of instruction – in any subject is mandatory and a TEFL certification is an additional qualification. However, it is also essential to get a local certification from an Israeli university. Applicants are also expected to know Hebrew.

The rather complicated school system in Israel has different categories of schools. Hiring for most primary and high school vacancies is done via Government departments. There is always the option of private tutoring for both children and adults. Besides, you can tap the demand for English teachers in the corporate sector.


If you would like to live in the beautiful country of Israel but are not very sure about how to navigate through the maze of rules, do read this section carefully.

Teach English In

A small island state in the Middle East with a large expat population, Bahrain offers highly lucrative career options for English teachers. There are several well established international schools in this wealthy country to cater to expat residents. Landing a job here would give you a tax-free salary in the range of $1500-$3000, depending on your qualifications and experience. Health care, travel costs and paid holidays are among the other benefits given to teachers. Teaching in Bahrain allows you to have considerable savings and an enjoyable, comfortable lifestyle.

To know more about the credentials required to land a teaching job in Bahrain, please go through the details given here.


Teach English In

Canada In North America is one of the most welcoming countries in the world. The people are hospitable, the streets are safe and the country cares for its residents and citizens with an excellent health care system and social welfare network. Teachers in Canada earn around $2000 or more per month depending on experience and qualifications. Teaching in Canada will enable you to an excellent quality of life in one of the most beautiful and peaceful countries in the world.

Canada is, area-wise, the second-largest country in the world, so there is a lot of it to explore. Just as a diverse population is one of its most attractive features, the country also has an extremely diverse range of terrain, climate and culture within its borders.


The European charm of the French-speaking terrain of Quebec, the briskness of life in the crisp air of Toronto, the mist wreathed villages in the rainforests of the mysterious Haida Gwaii archipelago are experiences to savour and cherish. And of course, can anybody claim to have visited Canada without paying homage to the thunderous Niagara?

The process of getting a teaching post in Canada may seem tiresome because of the competition. But, believe us, it is a challenge worth taking up. The experience is truly enriching. In this section, you can get some tips on how to get ahead of the competition to teach in Canada.

Teach English In

Getting a teaching position in US schools – public or private – is quite a complicated affair. You need to obtain a license from the Department of Education of the state in which you plan to teach. The requirements for a license are also different in different states. For example, while some states accept a bachelor’s degree, others demand a master’s degree. So if you are keen to explore job opportunities in the school network, you would first have to check whether you are eligible to even apply for a teaching license in the state. If you have attained your degree from outside the United States, the process becomes even more cumbersome.

However, there are opportunities outside the school system for ESL teachers. With a large immigrant population, there is a never-ending demand for English teachers. There are language schools as well as online tutoring sites offering jobs to teachers with TEFL certification.


If you are looking for teaching experience while getting your paperwork in order, you can always volunteer at ESL programs run by the city. The experience can be useful in landing a job once your license for teaching in the United States is processed.

Click here to learn more about applying for a teaching job in the United States, North America.

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