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China has laid a lot of emphasis on her population learning English. This is part of their strategy to gain influence around the world. Those taking up teaching in China, therefore, receive incredible privileges including a hefty pay package and other benefits aimed at making the country more attractive.

The Benefits You Can Expect Teaching In China


A lot of people have responded to the demand for teaching in China. There are incredible benefits including a monthly salary of 10,000RMB (renminbi) to 20,000 RMB every month. This is enough to enable you to save up to $1,500 each month while you still enjoy an incredibly comfortable life. 

You also get free furnished housing and bonuses for working for long periods of time in China. Further, you are at liberty to offer private classes at your free time where you can make even more money or engage in other gainful opportunities.

The cost of living in China depends on the city you will be residing in. In fact, the convenient transport system allows you to live miles away from your workstation and commute at a breathtaking speed. You have the option of using the railway, road or flight. There are amenities like shopping malls and very palatable foods. When off duty, you have historical sites and modern infrastructure to enjoy. The countryside is magnificent to watch and thus provide incredible relaxation from the hustles of town life.

Travelling To China

travelling in china

No Longer do you have to scale the great wall of China but it’s now one of the countries in the world you can fly to any day and from any location. It is incredibly connected through an expansive network of railroads and airports. Flights are affordable and you will get reimbursement once you land there. The employer or an agent will often pick you up from the airport on arrival.

Work Visa For Teaching In China

You will need a work visa to begin teaching in China. The visa is organised by your potential employer. The organisation that is making the application must have the license to employ foreign workers. The duration of your work permit is usually five years but it depends on what your contract indicates. If you have dependants who wish to accompany you, they need to apply for S1 or S2 status based on the relationship. Only dependants and spouses are allowed to accompany you.

To get a work permit, you must meet the following requirements

      • Be aged between 18-60 if you are a man and 18-55 for a woman
      • Have a valid passport that has six months or more left before expiry
      • Complete and submit the application form provided by the authority
      • Submit a passport size photo that is recent
      • Have an invitation letter issued by the organization offering the job
      • Apply for a work permit and qualify

Requirements To Teach In China


There are incredible public and private schools in China offering a wide array of
teaching jobs. The government recognises this and has put in place measures to regulate the entry of teachers and ensure the quality of teaching in China.

This is handled by the Chinese State Administration for Foreign Experts
Affairs. Depending on your nationality and where you will be working, the
requirements will vary. However, the basic requirements to meet include the

      • A bachelor degree in education or English
      • Two years of work experience at postgraduate level teaching English as a second language

TEFL certification with varying training hours depending on the school that will be employing you and the responsibilities you will be undertaking.

If you need a TEFL certificate make sure you choose the right one. If you are not sure which one to take you could always check out our TEFL Certification courses in the marketplace at our pre-vetted companies.

There are two ways of obtaining TEFL certification to teach in China. You may attend a one-on-one class or take the class online.  TEFL courses vary depending on personal intentions, cost, duration and international recognition. You also have to consider the availability of classes within your vicinity especially if
you want a one-on-one encounter.

While TEFL certification is required for most schools, others skip its use. It depends on the qualification and what the institution is looking for. The cost of completing a basic TEFL course is insignificant considering the value it will add to your employment life. Getting the qualification is also a negotiation point when considering teaching in China and you will be able to discuss and negotiate a better salary with an employer.

Native English speakers might consider getting TEFL qualification as a burden.
However, there are incredible benefits of getting the certification even for the highest trained or best speaker. The certification teaches you to handle
different problems by your students and provides a solution. You also need to
display professionalism in class which will be reflected in a progressive career. Simply put, getting a TEFL qualification provides the skills you require to produce students who can read, speak, write and listen to English
without a problem.

What Is It Like Working In China

working in china

China is one of the most receptive countries to foreign workers today. Their regard for teachers of English is admirable. This is demonstrated by how well they pay them and the benefits attached to working in the country.

The people in China are highly sociable and welcoming to visitors. The community is open to different cultures and languages, allowing you to be expressive. In fact, the passion to learn English will make it easier since students are enthusiastic to engage.

Taking up one of the many  teaching jobs in China gives you a chance to enjoy a fulfilling career in class. In reverse, you may also have the opportunity to boost your CV by learning Mandarin.

So, if China sounds like the place you would like to teach make sure to search the dedicated guide to teaching English in China.

Perhaps China is not for you? What about Japan?

Why not check out our article on How to Land English Teaching Jobs in Japan and compare the differences!


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