What To Expect When You Land TESOL Teaching Jobs In Bangkok

tesol jobs in bangkok
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Bangkok is one of the most attractive destinations for teachers with a TESOL qualification however the good news is that due to the amount of students finding teaching jobs in Bangkok is not that difficult. The government of Thailand is encouraging its citizens to learn English as it attempts to assert its dominance on the world scene. It is therefore receptive to foreigners and has the formal infrastructure to accommodate them. It also has an attractive lifestyle that features some of the most modern amenities like shopping malls, excellent restaurants and booming street life which creates healthy competition for teaching jobs in Bangkok.

Teaching English In Thailand Is Highly Regarded


Thailand is especially warm and welcoming to visitors and the need for the English language means that TESOL teachers are held in high regard. The pay is considerably high with chances for public and private teaching. You will earn enough to enable you effortlessly save over $1000 each month. The eagerness of people in Thailand makes teaching fun and as interesting as one envisions in college.

Moving To Bangkok


The anticipation of taking up your position as a TESOL teacher in Bangkok can make you both excited and anxious. It is easy to search online for guidelines and
hints on how to move or survive in Bangkok, however, nothing will ever prepare
you for the life you find here.

Bangkok is a city with incredible contrasts and a unique diversity. It offers an unrivalled experience with all the opportunities you can ever think of as a foreigner. You have historic attractions and an enticing nightlife to contend with and there is a significant number of foreigners ready to interact and walk with you through the journey of foreign uncertainty.

The population of Bangkok is growing rapidly which feeds into the need for more teachers and teaching jobs in Bangkok. The city is rapidly expanding and thus offers some of the latest and most sophisticated amenities.

You will have to deal with traffic jams and crowded public spaces but public transport is reasonably priced in comparison to other major cities.  Furthermore, it still retains some of the features that led the city to be referred to as the Venice of the East with a network of canals and water taxis to get around hidden elements of the city.

Housing is affordable with different categories depending on your budget. With well-serviced transport infrastructure, you can live a while away from your home and still manage to travel regularly. Competition for locals for available amenities calls for advance booking or assistance from a professional agent. In fact, accommodation is the first consideration you make when you discover that you are moving to Bangkok.

This will help you avoid cases of being stranded or lacking the deposit to pay for your accommodation. Schools and learning centres who tend to pay to post their positions on job boards such as Educating Abroad tend to be more legitimate in their practices due to protecting their prestige and cost investment. However, always take extra precautions and sure you everything is in place prior to setting foot on the plane.

Staying Healthy In Bangkok


You are required to get immunisation for certain health conditions including tetanus, MMR, diphtheria, hepatitis, influenza and polio, among others. If you intend to stay longer, immunisation for encephalitis, typhus, rabies and hepatitis B is also mandatory.

Medical insurance will cater to most of your health needs. However, the care covered and reimbursements available might be inadequate. It, therefore, helps to have a private medical cover allowance. You also need cash money for some instances where insurance does not cover.

Although the concept of private medical insurance may seem very different to home, in Bangkok it does bring along the benefit of some outstanding healthcare
facilities so you can be assured if you do your research you are going to be
treated well in clean, hygienic and state of the art facilities.

Teaching Jobs In Bangkok


Thailand is a very resilient economy because it has survived the political turmoil and financial crisis that hit the world in recent years. As a TESOL teacher in Bangkok, you will enjoy incredible opportunities both in the public as well as the private sector. All that is required is the possession of necessary certificates.

The certificates are scrutinised before you get the job offer. However, you can earn the certificate online while still working on other projects. Visa requirements are not restrictive as long as you have necessary qualifications and have been offered the job by a legitimate institution.

If you intend to travel to Bangkok for the first time, you will need a visa and you will need a company, the government or an organisation based in Thailand to file the application on your behalf. You will obtain a visa that remains valid for the next year. You need proof of pension, regular income or savings before being granted the visa. A minimum saving is required by the time you will be renewing your visa.

Are you currently teaching or living in Bangkok or have recently been searching for teaching jobs in Bangkok, is there any further advice you can offer your fellow educational professionals advice when moving to Bangkok? Add your comments below. Alternatively check out our comprehensive guide to teach English in Thailand and other parts of the world

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