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For those who already teach English in Central and South America, they will tell you that it is a pleasant experience as salaries are competitive. Explore the continent with us to find your next adventure!
For those who already teach English in Central and South America, they will tell you that it is a pleasant experience as salaries are competitive. While there are countries where living expenses tend to be high, on average, costs of living are quite low. This allows you to indulge in your dream of exploring the continent while working. We have highlighted some of the most notable countries in which to teach English in Central & South America. Which one will get your vote?

Which Countries Should You Consider
In You Decide To Teach English In Central And South America

If you are successful to secure one of the teaching jobs abroad teaching English in Central and South America, it gives you the chance to explore one of the most diverse and fascinating parts of the world. The first impression of the continent is that of a place with special warmth and vibrancy. This feeling is reinforced as you meet and mingle with the friendly people, bask in the wonderful climate, absorb the colourful culture and enjoy the rather relaxed lifestyle. 

Once you settle down, take the opportunity to explore the breathtaking vistas that the continent has to offer. This includes verdant forests, towering mountains ranges, deserts, smoking volcanoes and so much more. The Amazon ecosystem, the Atacama, the Arenal volcano, the Jericoacoara Beach are only a selection of the places on the must-see list for Central & South America which holds a number of the top best countries to teach English. History buffs can wander among the ancient Mayan ruins or take in the magnificent architecture of the colonial buildings.

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Colombia in northern South America is a fast-growing market for English language teachers to teach English in Central and South America. The country is on a growth mode and also has the second largest population in South America, ensuring a sustained demand for TEFL certified teachers. Salaries range from $700-$1000 depending on the school and your qualifications. Though this may not seem very attractive, it is enough for a very comfortable lifestyle as the cost of living in Colombia is quite low.

Colombia has emerged from its turbulent past when it was regarded as the violent epicentre of the global drug trade. The country is now a safe and pleasant place to live in. You can travel without fear to explore the beautiful coastline, the soaring peaks of the Andes and the ancient ruins in dense jungles.

Learn more about life and opportunities for teaching in Colombia by clicking on this section.

An expatriate teacher soaking in the sun and views of medillin

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Teaching in Chile on the western edges of South America  may make you fall head over heels in love with this gorgeous country. Blessed with a stunning landscape, the world’s ‘narrowest’ and rather awkwardly long country encompasses the world’s driest desert in its north and vast glacial fields in its south. On one side are the Andes and on the other is the Pacific Coast. 

The picturesque hiking trails in the mountainous areas, the stark beauty of Patagonia, the lovely people and the wine trails are just some of the memories that you will carry back home after your teaching stint here.

There are plenty of opportunities for teachers with TEFL certification as the Government also promotes and encourages English speaking skills.

If you have a yearn for wandering on the foothills of the Andes, find out how to make this dream come true.

Explore ancient ruins in Chile

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Peru situated in western South America has always rated highly as a popular tourist destinations in South America. Consequently, people are eager to acquire English language skills and the demand for TEFL certified teachers is high. The city of Cusco, which attracts tourists in droves, is one of the main centres for language schools and it is easy to get a job here. 

Lima, the capital of Peru, provides ample opportunities to teach English. Most schools, including international ones, begin the hiring process in September or October as the academic year in Peru starts in March/April. Openings can be found in language schools throughout the year.

Just a normal Sunday for Laura an expat English teacher with llamas at Machu Picchu in Peru

A visit to the famed Machu Picchu, the Inca citadel, should top your list of places to explore in Peru. But Peru is not just about sites to visit and places to see. It is about immersing yourself in the Peruvian way of life where everything from food to festivals is savoured and relished to the fullest.

Teaching in Peru may count as one of the better options for teachers looking for work abroad. You will get more information in this section on how to fine-tune your job hunt in Peru.

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As the largest country in South America and a top global tourist destination, Brazil is an attractive market for English teachers. English is taught in public, private and international schools. There is therefore always a demand for trained, experienced teachers and those with TEFL certificates. 

You get an additional advantage in the job market if you have some knowledge of Portuguese. Most international schools offer the option of an orientation course in the Portuguese language for their expat recruits. A bachelor’s degree is also mandatory.

If you are teaching in Brazil its the law to see Christ the Reedemer...Right?

Teaching in Brazil allows you to live in a highly captivating country. Think of endless white beaches, exciting football matches, pulsating urban spaces, tropical rainforests, delicious food, warm people and you have captured the spirit of this country.

Do scan this section to know more on how to get started on your live-and-teach-in-Brazil plan.

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Costa Rica

Is it possible to think of a better place to live and work than one described as the ‘happiest place in the world?’ Yes, Costa Rica in Central America with its beautiful beaches, stunning wildlife, dense rainforests and of course ‘happy’ atmosphere is a lovely place to live and work. With tourism being the mainstay of the economy, Costa Ricans are keen to learn English. 

Consequently, there are several language schools where opportunities for work are available around the year. A TEFL certificate will help you land a job more easily in these private institutes. The openings in international schools are more lucrative and offer benefits like housing and airfare. The average salary for teachers in Costa Rica is around $700-800. With the fantastic low cost of living which can be had in some cities, you can afford quite a good standard of living.

To know more about exploring opportunities for teaching in Costa Rica, do read this section.

International teacher by week...Zen masters at the weekend!

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Teaching in Honduras in Central America is an option for those who like to go off the beaten track. Since the schools are bilingual, there is always a demand for good teachers of any specialisation. With Honduras trying to develop its tourism sector, learning English is seen as a way to get ahead. As a result, there are several private language centres where English teachers with TEFL certification can find work quite easily. The salaries are not very high compared to neighbouring countries, but schools do try and provide accommodation.

Honduras has an old-world charm with cobblestone villages and colonial buildings. It is home to the world’s second-largest barrier reef. The country has some spectacular white sand beaches, tall mountains and dense tropical rainforest, giving you plenty to explore during your spare time.

You can find more details here on living and teaching in Honduras.

Crystal clear waters and reefs, awesome for the aquatic loving teachers

Quick Fire Central & South America Geography Test Incoming...

See how your geography holds up to these frequently asked questions about Central and South America…
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Question 1

How many countries are there in South America?


There are 12 countries on the continent of South America.
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Question 2

Which is the oldest country in South America?


Ecuador is believed to be the oldest country in South America.
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Question 3

How many countries are there in Central America?


There are 7 countries that makeup Central America.
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Question 4

What is the largest country in Central America?


Nicaragua is the largest country in Central America.
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