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It is unfortunate to say but Educating Abroad was born out of frustration at not being able to find the right support, help or even an efficient site to help realise our dreams of finding the right international teaching jobs to begin teaching abroad, but equally and more importantly, it was fuelled by the realisation and prospect that we could create a place that would make it easier for international teachers and international schools to come together and not have to face the same challenges we have and from that Educating Abroad was born.

We realised that by doing this, not only would Educating Abroad facilitate the dreams of so many other teachers who were in our position of hoping to teach abroad but we would also be indirectly responsible for supporting the delivery of educational excellence throughout the world, having a positive impact on the development and outcomes of students lives in the best international schools and educational establishments across the globe.


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About Educating Abroad | Educating Abroad

Once we had decided to create Educating Abroad and once we have a place where we could provide a service to teachers like ourselves to find the best international teaching jobs and more information on the best countries to teach English we knew it had to have the vision from an educationalist point of view in that whatever success we can achieve (big or small) it has to be for the benefit of the students and children from around the world. That’s why we have pledged and committed to donating 20% of any profit we make each year to a chosen international children’s charity.

We have created a poll in the staff room forum for anyone who wishes to vote. So feel free to head over and cast.

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