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If you get the opportunity to teach English in Europe, you will be blessed with an incredible place to live and work. Quite naturally, the job market for teachers trying to relocate here is extremely competitive.
If you get the opportunity to teach English in Europe, you will be blessed with an incredible place to live and work. Quite naturally, the job market for teachers trying to relocate here is extremely competitive. The reasons for the tight job market are simple. Since there are very few restrictions for crossing borders within the continent, getting a teaching assignment in any of the best countries to teach English is a ticket to travel, learn and absorb all that Europe has to offer. After all, who would not want to spend a lazy Sunday lying on the green lawns gazing up at the towering Eiffel Tower?

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Teach English In Europe

Although teaching jobs abroad are difficult to come by, amongst many of the advangtages of being able to teach English in Europe, one undoubtedly has to be the excellent working atmosphere. Europeans give a lot of importance to work-life balance and this extends to the teaching profession as well. Shorter work hours on at least one day of the week is the norm in countries like France. Besides, you can be assured of well-equipped schools with all facilities and amenities required for a pleasurable work environment and a big reason as to why many feature as the best countries to teach English.

For those who like to take the road less travelled, there are teaching opportunities in beautiful European countries like Bosnia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria and several others. In this section, we will take a look at some of the top destinations for teaching in Europe.

Teach English In

Spanish siesta, mouthwatering tapas, colourful flamenco, vibrant cities – well, the list of reasons to relocate to Spain in Southwestern Europe for a teaching assignment are endless. Consequently, Spain is one of the popular destinations to teach English in Europe. Teaching in Spain is a relaxing experience. Work hours are generally 20-25 hours a week. This means that you have plenty of time to explore the country and soak in the Spanish atmosphere.

Most international schools in Spain require certified teachers with at least two years experience. An EU passport may also be mandatory. However, if you are adventurous, you can tap several other opportunities. Private English tutors are always in demand. You are most likely to find private teaching jobs in major cities like Barcelona or Madrid. You can also explore positions like classroom assistants, where English skills will give you an advantage and qualification criteria are not so strictly enforced.

Its a hard life being a teacher in Spain with all that beautiful food, weather and architecture spoiling everything! 😉

Once you have landed a job, its time to immerse yourself in the flamboyant Spanish culture and lifestyle. Cities like Barcelona, San Sebastian, Madrid and Seville are buzzing at all times and a visit is a fun-filled adventure. If you like quieter destinations, you can visit the quaint villages nestled in the mountains or a fishing village near one of the beaches. The choices, as we said before, are endless.

If you would like to know more about teaching in Spain, do read the details here.

Teaching English In

Teaching in France could well be the dream of most teachers looking for positions abroad. But, frankly, it is a difficult dream to achieve. France is one of the most sought after locations to teach English in Europe. It is professionally rewarding as France has one of the world’s most efficient and best-run education systems.

Besides who would not like the chance to live in a country often billed as the world’s most ‘sophisticated’/’beautiful’/’charming’? So if you have zeroed in on France for your next teaching assignment, be prepared to beat some tough competition.

France in Western Europe also has strict hiring rules. It is difficult to find a job without an EU passport and work visas are tough to obtain.

The Louvre in France one of the most iconic places in Europe

TEFL certification is mandatory. Also, most schools including language institutes in France hire only after you clear a face-to-face interview. So you do have to take the risk of landing in France without a concrete job offer in hand. This would mean investing time and money with the risk that you may have to return without having landed a job.

But it is possible to get past these hurdles with sufficient preparation. Do check our section here to get more tips on how to prep for your job search in France.

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“You may have the universe, if I may have Italy”, wrote the famed Italian opera composer Guiseppe Verdi. His sentiments have been echoed by many, making Italy a top tourist destination in the world. 

Quite naturally, a job teaching in Italy in South-central Europe ranks high on the list for teachers looking for opportunities abroad. This is because Italy’s seductive charms are difficult to shake off and just a holiday in Italy may not make the cut. The best way to experience Italian life is to work here and use your time off to explore its myriad charms.

You have to be a licenced teacher with at least two years of experience to apply for teaching jobs in international schools and private language schools. A TEFL certification is also mandatory.

You will be particularly blessed if you get the opportunity to teach in Italy (The Vatican)

Given the competition for jobs to teach English in Europe and in particularly Italy, it makes sense to focus your job search in the bigger cities where there is a greater demand for English language skills.

If you have set your heart on teaching in Italy, do take a look at this section. It will guide you through the Italian job market for English speaking teachers.

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Holland / Netherlands

The Netherlands in Western Europe may seem like a surprising destination to teach English in Europe, given that a significant percentage of the Dutch speak the language very well. However, even though the market is not large, there is a demand for English teachers. 

It is a market worth exploring, given that teaching in the Netherlands entails living in a beautiful country with a considerable ‘cool’ quotient. A university degree and a TEFL certificate are mandatory to apply for a job here. There are several international schools where you could apply.

Living in the Netherlands can be a serene experience, given the pace of life and the fun attitude of the Dutch. If the idea of cycling to work along the tree-lined canals of Amsterdam appeals to you, do click on this section for further details.

The Dutch do love the green lifestyle as can be seen by these teachers doing segway!

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Russia is the largest country in Europe.
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There are 24 officially spoken languages.
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