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To teach in the Middle East can be a rewarding and challenging experience. Often referred to as the cradle of civilisation. Your teaching stint would mean an introduction to an ancient culture. Which country will it be?
To teach in the Middle East can be a rewarding and challenging experience. This region is often referred to as the cradle of civilisation and relocating to the Middle East for a teaching stint would mean an introduction to an ancient culture. Fascinatingly, the old and the new co-exist comfortably here. The glittering modern facade of the Middle East, with its many iconic buildings, glitzy malls and air-conditioned comfort is just one part of the story. Read below and find which country in the Middle East will be the one for your next teaching adventure?

Which Countries Should You Consider
In The Middle East For Teaching English

One of the main reasons why teachers choose to search for teaching jobs abroad in The Middle East is due to it being a very lucrative destination. Salaries are high, especially if you land a job in one of the many international schools. It is also tax-free, giving a very satisfying bump to your saving potential.

You may find some aspects of life in the Middle East rather restrictive. Several countries in the region have strict rules that govern aspects of your daily life including a dress code for women and restrictions on what you eat and drink. The climate may also take some adjusting. While the winters are pleasant, the summer months are extremely hot. However, public spaces, apartments and cars are air-conditioned, so you may have limited exposure to the searing heat with that in mind however, there are a number of countries who feature highly as the best countries to teach English.

In this section, we introduce you to a few Middle East countries you could explore for teaching opportunities.

Teach English In

Adjusting to life in Qatar in the Middle East is not difficult as the country has a large expat population. The capital Doha is a modern, bustling city. Even though your life in Qatar may be quiet, it can still be very fulfilling. For one, Doha is a hub for international travel and being stationed here allows you to easily explore other countries in the Middle East. Qatar itself is very charming. You can indulge in some of the traditional activities of the Qataris like falconry or camel racing. High, tax-free salaries are offered to licensed teachers with experience of more than two years.

To learn a bit more about living and teaching in Qatar, do check out the details in our section here.

Qatar has some great expat communities for new teachers to join

Teach English In
Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is a conservative kingdom in the Middle East and teachers seeking positions here must be prepared to respect the strictly enforced local rules and traditions. Though the kingdom is implementing reforms, life can still be restrictive especially for women. However, once you adjust to the new environment, you can enjoy a good standard of living in this wealthy country. The saving potential is immense as the average salaries for teachers in Saudi Arabia range from $3000-$4000. This is tax-free. Most schools also offer excellent benefits like housing, airfare and health care. Schools generally require teachers with prior experience and a bachelor degree. Additional certifications like TEFL will certainly help you to land a job more easily.

Immerse yourself in Arabian culture

The country is the birthplace of Islam and the spirit of the religion pervades daily life here. This makes teaching in Saudi Arabia a unique cultural experience. To know more about life in Saudi Arabia and the opportunities available, do click here.

Teach English In the
United Arab Emirates

The first thought that comes to mind on hearing about the Middle East is the UAE and the glitz and glamour of Dubai. However, the UAE consists of six other emirates including Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah and Umm Al Quwain. You can find high paying teaching opportunities in all the emirates. The atmosphere in the UAE, especially in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah, is much more cosmopolitan and modern than Saudi Arabia. The austere rules of living that govern life in other Islamic states have been relaxed in these emirates. This, along with the high tax-free salaries, has made the UAE a much sought after teaching destination.

From camel riding to the finest dining in the world.

Opportunities are available in international schools, private schools as well as the public school system. Teachers with TEFL certification can also tap numerous language schools.

A quick read through this section will give you more information on living and teaching in the UAE.

Teach English In

The relentless facade of modern skyscrapers, massive malls and glass & steel structures that define the cityscape of other Middle East countries has bypassed Oman. The country still retains its old-world charm with low rise buildings, pristine coastline and forbidding old forts. The warmth of the Omani people is legendary. Living and teaching in Oman will soon immerse you in the relaxed, laid back Omani way of life. Weekends are great for camping out in the desert, exploring the spectacular mountains or just chilling on the beaches. There is of course always the option of recuperative weekend retail therapy in the malls and traditional markets of the country!

For the teachers with a avid interest in History...experience life as it was 000s of years ago

You can explore opportunities in Oman’s private school system. The lucrative pay package with additional benefits matches that offered by other countries in the region.

Do check out this section if you would like to live and explore the rich Arabian heritage that is so a part of the Omani life.

Teach English In

There is a huge demand for English teachers in Israel. However, in somewhat of a paradox for the Middle East, it is not easy to get a job here for there are several criteria to be fulfilled before you can be considered for a teaching post. A degree – with English as the medium of instruction – in any subject is mandatory and a TEFL certification is an additional qualification. However, it is also essential to get a local certification from an Israeli university. Applicants are also expected to know Hebrew.

The rather complicated school system in Israel has different categories of schools. Hiring for most primary and high school vacancies is done via Government departments. There is always the option of private tutoring for both children and adults. Besides, you can tap the demand for English teachers in the corporate sector.

Experience life as a teacher expat in a diverse, booming and culturally rich Israel

If you would like to live in the beautiful country of Israel but are not very sure about how to navigate through the maze of rules, do read this section carefully.

Teach English In

A small island state in the Middle East with a large expat population, Bahrain offers highly lucrative career options for English teachers. There are several well established international schools in this wealthy country to cater to expat residents. Landing a job here would give you a tax-free salary in the range of $1500-$3000, depending on your qualifications and experience. Health care, travel costs and paid holidays are among the other benefits given to teachers. Teaching in Bahrain allows you to have considerable savings and an enjoyable, comfortable lifestyle.

To know more about the credentials required to land a teaching job in Bahrain, please go through the details given here.

The new kid on the block in the middle east attracting teachers from far and wide.

Quick Fire Middle East Geography Test Incoming...

See how your geography holds up to these frequently asked questions about The Middle East…no googling before answering!

Question 1

How many countries are there in the Middle East?


There are 22 countries in the Midde East.
Answer source

Question 2

Which is the oldest country in the Middle East?


Iraq (Mesopotamia) is the oldest country in the Middle East.
Answer source

Question 3

What is the largest country in the Middle East?


Saudi Arabia is the largest country in the Middle East.
Answer source

Question 4

How many languages are spoken in the Middle East?


There are 60 official languages spoken in the Middle East.
Answer source

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