Adding the A* to Your
Teacher Recruitment

What happens if you need support outside of the standard solutions of a job board or searching a CV database? Maybe you are one of the lucky schools to receive lots of applications, but you do not have the time to select the right candidates and instead employ teachers who ultimately do not fit the culture or standards of your school?

Whatever your issue is… all these lead to the worst possible outcome of students not being taught to the best standards your schools prides itself on, So what’s next?

We have faced these exact same predicaments and that’s why we are working hard to provide a number of solutions that will give you the best chance of succeeding. We are developing a mixture of in-house support from ourselves or from our carefully selected partners that offer valuable, effective & cost-efficient services to help you at every stage of your international teacher recruitment journey.

If you have noticed a solution not in the marketplace that you would believe would benefit you and all our international schools and language centres , then we would love to hear about it! You can let us know about it by contacting us here.

The Types Of Teacher Recruitment Solutions
You Can Expect To Find In The Marketplace

Attract The Best

If you are struggling to recruit the best teachers, we have some excellent attraction solutions to help!
Attraction Support

Select The Best

A bad recruit IS worse than not recruiting at all. If you need support selecting the best teachers we can help!
Selection Support

Set The Standard

Do you experience teachers who you recruit but drop out just before they start? Let's improve your onboarding
Onboarding Support

Process Improvement

Have a HR or Recruitment project such as implementing an ATS but unable to recruit someone. We can help
Consulting Support

A Small Selection Of Our
Marketplace Teacher Recruitment Solutions

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

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